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When Damon finally got to fuck Elena.

(Just kidding, but that is Ian Somerhalder and his big wiener.)

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115 Ways to Use and Abuse a Raunchy Faggot


In honor of the New Year, i decided to do a service for all the Men out there whose New Year’s resolution is to “use more faggots.” Here are 115 ways for Tops, Alphas, Doms, Superiors and Sirs to use and abuse a raunchy bottom, faggot, pig, slave or sub:

  1. Sit back and make him…


ALPHA enjoys watching the game as HIS faggot eats out HIS ass non-stop the entire time.  The game went into overtime, so it was a long ass licking for the pig.  The ALPHA makes the fag spend it’s time like this every game HE watches.  Says it’s good for humiliation and to keep the fag’s mind in it’s proper place.  HE especially enjoys it when HE has gas and farts in the fag’s face all night, gets a good laugh out of the fag’s embarrassment for liking it and sniffing and sucking HIS farts.

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Has a cloud ever made you hard ?!


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Having none of your Lion bullshit today.

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